Kampung Tajur Purwakarta

Tradition and Sundanese culture still thick embedded in village communities Tajur. This is directly visible at the time of visit there. settlements that are still beautiful, with houses on stilts typical Sunda Sunda show the cultural side that linger in communities.

For example, to cook it still uses traditional tools (wood fuel), although there also are using government aid gas. To produce rice, they are still using mortar and pestle for pounding grain. 

If you visit here is the uniqueness that is rarely found elsewhere. Namely Ngencleng tradition, this trasisi still in the guard, Tajur village community has a unique tradition or habit that is still carried out, namely Ngencleng where every citizen put a bamboo containing rice in front of their doors each. Ngecleng tradition is done by the community to anticipate famine stricken when their villages such as crop failure or poor harvest. 

Usually bamboo rice contains a size of 10 cm will be taken by a security guard at night and then collect and store the rice-rice in the village hall. Deposits of rice-rice will be used if the harvest failed to distribute them equitably to every resident, or sold back to the market and the proceeds to cover the needs of villages such as the manufacture of fencing and road improvements. 

Activities that have been carried out for generations in this area besides Ngecleng is Tetunggulan. Tetunggungan pound rice or activity is not every day do, just on special occasions like welcoming guests, a celebration / thanksgiving, memorial day independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

How To Get Here

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